These notes represent the state of the game when I stopped running it, and are merely archived here at this point. About 9 months after I stopped running it the game finally saw some new action and development, so if you need up-to-date notes you'll need to speak with an active fallout 3 runner.

Tricks & Strategies

Load Clipping

As the game is loading (e.g. from a quickload) you can move your character before collision geometry starts colliding. In certain places and at certain angles, you can move far enough into an object that you get pushed through to the other side. Less flat geometry seems to work best. I.E. corners, door frames, and rocks work well, but a perfectly flat wall is generally difficult. There is a rhythm associated with the process of saving and loading, which is different for each clip (some are single load, some benefit from rapid saving and loading, and it is probably different for each person). Furthermore, the resolution of your game affects the consistency of clips (more == better). The run was entirely tested and routed at 720p, with notes taken where 1080p allows for extra strategies).

Dialogue Skips

QS (quicksave) after a dialogue section starts and QL (quickload) to skip the dialogue. Dialogue segments are usually split into groups, so you have to skip each one. This is used often in the run, with the largest uses occurring at the party and the beginning of raven rock. If you QSQL too rapidly during these instances, it is possible to break the dialogue triggers, which will prevent any needed post-dialogue triggers from occurring (for example, QSQL too fast at the beginning of the party and you will never gain the ability to move). Some dialogues are unnecessary to skip (and skipping just wastes the QSQL time) when they are attached to movement, for instance some dialogues are not skipped at the baby section.


Endurance improves survivability, Intelligence increases medicine, and Luck can give a slight boost to medicine (max at 9 of +5). Nothing else matters (agility does not increase movement speed). I skip Luck, but it is entirely up to you. You could probably survive without Intelligence.

Slope Jumping

Jumping once will cost you time upon landing, but continuous jumping (perfectly) is just as fast as walking. If you do this up a slope, you actually gain time versus walking. The difference is not much, but it is enough to be worth performing on large slopes (a few times in the run). If your timing or mashing is bad, this WILL end up costing you time, so using it is quite optional.

Target Practice

The old SDA run mentioned that there is no time to save by going fast here. That is incredibly wrong. The faster you finish the targets the more time you will save. You can push Jonas from behind to get him to his destination faster. However, be mindful of his target location, as his AI must path to that exact spot before he will take a picture (I.E. do not push him too far). After your dad tells him to take the picture he will change his destination to the final spot. You can see him "pivot" when he changes his pathing. It is after this pivot that you want to start pushing him, as sometimes he will try to walk to the intended pivot spot behind him if you push him too soon. Sometimes he barely pivots, so you need to get a feeling for when to start pushing.

Specific Glitches

Party Skip

Dialogue skipping lets you completely skip the pip boy cutscene. Perform a simple door clip to exit the area. Luckily, talking to Jonas triggers your dad's arrival, so you do not need to wait for him.

G.O.A.T. Skip

You can take a left outside the medical area and clip through the door OoB (out of bounds). This map is connected to the escape map, so you get sent straight there. You could also clip out of the start room, although there wasn't a consistent clip found at 720p. The reason you do not clip OoB during the party scenario is that you cannot operate the final console as a child at that point.

Overseer Skip

Walk against the wall and place your mouse cursor directly on the corner. QS. Walk forward and QL, then turn left into the door and activate it as you fall. You can perform this at a different angle on the same corner so the falling gets you closer if you find it difficult, but the setup is less precise since you can't rest up against the wall. This clip skips going to the overseer's office and also prevents you from tagging skills and leveling up (which saves a lot of time).

Murder Pass Clip

Clipping through the edge of the invisible wall toward Murder Pass can present some issues. It is possible to clip OoB by accident and it becomes very difficult to return. You need to get a feel for how to approach this clip, as the situation can make a variety of angle changes and movement directions viable. I find the angle I used in my 24:27 to work quite well, but feel free to find something that works for you.

The Jefferson Clip

This clip is self-explanatory, but I wanted to make a note of caution that you can QS while stuck between the final room and the staircase. Sometimes you can worm your way into the room with QSQL but sometimes you are stuck for a while. This clip is very consistent if you set it up properly and time your QSQL well, so it shouldn't happen once you get a feel for it.

Extra Clips

The G.E.C.K. Clip

After you pick up the geck, you can clip OoB to save about 5-15 seconds. However, I did not do this in the 24:27. The reason is that there is about a 75% chance that this OoB breaks the following cutscene (it plays out entirely but then loops at the ending). The reason for this remains unknown, and it may only affect certain people, so definitely try it out yourself. I do not think it is random. The door frame just in front of the geck (from the outside) works well at 1080p, but is fairly inconsistent at 720p. There are a variety of corner clips available though, so feel free to experiment if you want.

Alarm Clip

Exiting the fire alarm room, you can clip OoB against the corner on your left. This saves about 5-7 seconds, so feel free to perform it if you have it consistent.

87 Door Clips

You can clip through all the vault 87 doors, which should save around 2 seconds per door. I did not do this because they are somewhat inconsistent clips on my pc, but feel free to go wild.